2020 Truth of the Gospel Conference Cancelled

It will be no surprise to any of you to hear that we will have to cancel our Truth of the Gospel Conference this year. Come May 30, no doubt we will still have meeting restrictions upon us, and even if we didn't, our speaker Richard Barcellos would have to be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival -- even if he could fly out!

Lord willing, Richard will be available to come down next year in 2021. If so, and once the date is secured, we will get that out to everyone as soon as possible.

For now, feel free to enjoy messages from our past conferences.

For the Master,

Todd Stanton (On Behalf of the Truth of the Gospel Committee)

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About Us

The Truth of the Gospel Conference is a combined effort of St Johns Park Baptist Church and Southern Districts Reformed Baptist Church in Sydney, Australia. The namesake, “truth of the gospel” comes right out of Galatians 2:5 and 2:14 where Paul vigorously contends to get the gospel right. The conference, then, is aimed at doing the exact same thing – proclaiming and defending the gospel in all its veracity and glory.

The conference commenced in 2010 with a visit from Conrad Mbewe, “the African Spurgeon,” and since then the annual get-together has had notable speakers from all over the world; and as a result has now the reputation of an anticipated day filled with great teaching, music, and fellowship.

Our prayer then is that through this website, you experience some of the blessings and encouragement that the Lord has given our conference.

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